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   David was born in the countryside of Chiba prefecture, Japan, where he grew up speaking English and Japanese. He moved to Idaho when he was fifteen to attend high school. He later attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Ventura, California and studied film and video production.


   David’s work experience varies greatly from cameraman for Callaway golf commercials, Japanese subtitle writer for SDI Media Group, bilingual instructor at New York Film Academy, to simultaneous interpreter for Van Halen lead man, David Lee Roth. In 2009, David traveled to Japan to line produce the Tokyo unit of documentary film The People VS George Lucas. The film released theatrically and distributed internationally. In 2012 David became the interpreter for director Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge) while he directed the film "7500" for 10 months. David then went on to co-direct the YouTube short film, What Kind of Asian Are You? in 2013 which now has over 7 million views. David subsequently worked with several Japanese television stations including NHK and Fuji TV as coordinator and assistant director. In 2014 David produced, filmed and edited a marketing video in San Francisco featuring the ALLEX tripod/slider system from tripod manufacturer Libec.